Thursday, July 31, 2008

Frazetta: Painting With Fire

IMDB: Frazetta: Painting With Fire
  • OVERALL: 92
  • VISUAL: 99
  • STORY: 93
  • BETTER THAN: Crumb
  • NOT AS GOOD AS: The Joy of Painting (TV Series & Collected)
  • WAS MISSING: Even more time spent on the countless knock off Frazetta artists, including comic book covers, magazines, films and album covers. So many people used his style. I would've loved to see even more of these exposed, either as plagiarism or homages.
  • SEE IT FOR: Unbelievable mastery of art and the human form. You would never have guessed his lack of training, his "funnies" beginnings or his sincere dedication to family. I also truly enjoyed the before and after shots of works he repainted in hopes of improving them.

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