Monday, July 21, 2008

Blonde Ambition

IMDB: Blonde Ambition
  • OVERALL: 73
  • VISUAL: 80
  • STORY: 65
  • ACTING: 74
  • BETTER THAN: Blonde and Blonderer (I've heard)
  • NOT AS GOOD AS: Legally Blonde
  • WAS MISSING: The "Newlyweds: Jessica's Divorced and Single" MTV promo.
  • SEE IT FOR: You have to be a die hard Jessica Simpson, Luke Wilson or Willie Nelson fan. All others should run the farrest, most really farrest away. If you're one of those though, you'll enjoy it more than the Internet says you will.


Melissa said...

I was going to tell you that I thought it was like a poor man's version of "Legally Blonde," so it's funny that you wrote that. I know the movie was terribly corny, but like you said, I like Jessica and Luke enough to not fall asleep during it. ;)

Thomas Korpi said...

Indeed Melissa! Luke Wilson is at his finest in this, if you think his finest is corny charm. That was enough to push me through the movie :)