Monday, August 4, 2008

Thundercats - FANTASY CAST

If I were in control of casting the new live-action Thundercats movie, here is who I would get to play the parts! I'm skewing a bit older because the real G.I. Joe movie is going so young, I don't want Thundercats to do the same! It will have a family-fun adventure style similar to that of the Banderas Zorro franchise.

Jason Statham as Lion-O

Ving Rhames as Panthro

Maria Bello as Cheetara

Ron Perlman as Tygra

Andy Serkis as Snarf

AnnaSophia Robb as WilyKit

Freddie Highmore as WilyKat

Pierce Brosnan as Jaga

Willem Dafoe as Mumm-Ra

Oliver Platt as Slithe

Dennis Leary as Monkian

Carrot Top as Jackelman

Vin Diesel as Vultureman

Jack Black as Ratar-O

Blake Lively as Mandora

Terry Crews as Lynx-O

Steve Zahn as Bengali

Roselyn Sanchez as Pumyra

James Cosmo as Claudus


Rachel said...

This is excellent casting. I love it. :)

Thomas Korpi said...

Thanks! The cast loves YOU!! :D