Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Korpis: The Movie (2008)

This is the make-believe film based on my life and those in it! If you want on this list, feel free to send me a picture of yourself or let me know, and if you want off of this list, tell me so I can take you off. Enjoy!

Thomas played by Ryan Reynolds
Runners Up: John Krasinski, Scott Foley

Melissa K. played by Diane Krueger
Runner Up: Kristin Cavallari

Kevin K. played by Christian Bale
Runner Up: Paul Schneider

Shealynn played by Hilary Swank
Runner Up: Angelina Jolie

Cindy played by Drew Barrymore
Runner Up: Cameron Diaz

Kevin A. played by Kenneth Branagh
Runner Up: Michael Biehn

Tyler played by Josh Hutcherson

Cade played by Jonathan Lipnicki

Tate played by Freddie Highmore

Jenna played by Miley Cyrus (for Melissa!)

Wayne played by Michael Keaton
Runner Up: Viggo Mortensen

Rose played by Sela Ward
Runner Up: Ann Cusack

Tommy played by John Cho
Runner Up: Ken Leung

Leah M. played by Sienna Miller
Runner Up: Samaire Armstrong

Paul W. played by Nicolas Cage
Runner Up: Alan Rickman

Brenda played by Cate Blanchett
Runner Up: Meg Ryan

Matt W. played by Matthew McConaughey
Runner Up: Steve Zahn

Kendall played by Kate Hudson
Runner Up: Radha Mitchell

Nick played by Shia LaBeouf
Runner Up: Emile Hirsch

Earnest played by Ryan Gosling
Runner Up: Scott Caan

Lisa played by Elisha Cuthbert
Runner Up: Bryce Dallas Howard

Jody played by Ethan Embry

Tabecca played by Kerri Walsh

Andy played by Chad Michael Murray

Lindsey played by Laura Ramsey

Jeremy played by Jake Gyllenhaal
Runner Up: Balthazar Getty

Michelle D. played by Hayden Panettiere

Chris D. played by Colin Hanks

Jennifer M. played by Jenna Fischer

Matthew M. played by Tobey Maguire
Runner Up: Seth Rogen

Scott played by Ewan McGregor
Runner Up: Rob Rotten

Britney played by Evan Rachel Wood
Runner Up: Lori Petty

Melanie played by Kelly Osbourne

Phil played by Kevin Spacey

Ryan B. played by Scott Caan

Shannon played by Kirsten Dunst

Russ played by Heath Ledger

Ryan S. played by Mark Boone Junior

Chelsea played by Milla Jovovich
Runner Up: Amanda Peet

Jeff played by David Boreanaz

Sarah F. played by Alyson Hannigan

Daryl F. played by

Rachel J. played by Scarlett Johansson

Matt S. played by Zach Braff

Jennifer S. played by Jessica Biel

Colleen played by Sophia Bush

Will S. played by Jason Biggs

Stephanie S. played by Cecile De France

Jay C. played by Patrick Wilson

Carrie played by Kate Beckinsale

Judy played by Zooey Deschanel

Joey played by Mark Ruffalo

Rachel P. played by Ellen Page

Ryan K. played by James McAvoy

Caleb played by Jeremy Piven

Jennifer W. played by Alyssa Milano

Nikole played by Anne Hathaway

Grady played by Hayden Christensen

Sarah G. played by Rebecca Hall

Paul G. played by Breckin Meyer

Richard played by Edward Norton

Tausha played by Keri Russell

Chris played by Josh Hartnett

Trevor played by Paul Walker

Amber played by Maria Menounos

Heather B. played by Anna Faris

Mark B. played by Peter Sarsgaard
Runner Up: Sean William Scott (per Matt S.)

Noah W. played by Craig Slike

Heather W. played by Alison Lohman

Galia played by Megan Fox

Karla C. played by Kristin Kreuk

Zach C. played by Jensen Ackles (per Melissa!)

Jessica R. played by Mena Suvari

Zach R. played by Justin Long


Rachel said...

This is hilarious. I love it. I always wanted to marry Zach Braff, and I'm pretty sure he has always had a thang for Scarlett. :)

Thomas Korpi said...

Yeah! Braff and Scarlett... happily ever after! lol I'm glad I could be of service ;)

CQ said...

Thomas- your brilliance is unmatched!

Thomas Korpi said...

cq, I just surround myself with great people so it makes it easy! You are all my muses ;) heh I can't wait to see your Tops site! No posts yet!

Kendall said...

Wow, Kate Hudson! I'm very flattered!

Sarah said...

One band camp.....NICE!!! That's hilarious!

Nikole Lewis said...

AWESOME! I love My girl Ann Hathaway!
This is SO good, Thomas! I'm empressed!!!!

Rachel said...

Anna Farris for Heather B. . . Love it. :)