Wednesday, April 23, 2008


There is nothing more heartwarming than the tale of a boy and his dog. Well, except for a tale of an angry French boy and his mentally and morally tortured dog. He's rather cute though, the pup, and he thinks in the greatest French accent. Seriously. It's almost like the time my dog went through years of pain of seizures, then died of epilepsy... oh wait, that's right... this actually isn't that heartwarming of a movie. It's disturbing, really, though I know some of you are into that kind of thing. It has some brilliant moments of animal dependency and pets' needs and expectations, but that does not outweigh the brutality of man, so this movie is not for the casual audience.

  • OVERALL: 79
  • VISUAL: 80
  • STORY: 93
  • ACTING: 64
  • BETTER THAN: The Cat from Outer Space
  • NOT AS GOOD AS: Babe
  • WAS MISSING: Belly rubs
  • SEE IT FOR: One of the cutest, ugliest dogs on film, running so fast with his lil' legs to keep up

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